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Ayr & District Model Flyers Constitution 01 February 2021


  1. Name:       The Club shall be called " Ayr & District Model Flyers".  It was previously known as “The Girvan Model Club” and prior to that as “The Maybole Model Club”

  2. Objects     To provide social, educational, and recreational facilities for members of the Club and to promote interest in all aspects of model flying within the Club and in the wider community.                           To provide training, instruction and encouragement for newcomers to the hobby 

  3. Operation  The club will operate  strictly within the legal constraints, safety rules and general advice detailed in the National Modelling Association’s safety booklets (SAA, BMFA and CAA )

  4.  Disciplinary Action:  The club will operate as per the “Disciplinary Procedure Guidance” defined by the National Modelling Associations (SAA, BMFA, etc.)

  5. “The Children Act Scotland 1995”: The Club will operate strictly within the provisions of this legislation.  Note:- It is a condition of membership that junior members at the flying field must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

  6. Bye-Laws/ Safety Rules:   A Schedule of matters peculiar to the Ayr & District Model Flyers will identified, set and maintained by the Committee.  The Schedule will govern the behaviour of the club members at the flying site.  Any significant change in the schedule will require the authorisation of two thirds of the senior membership.  Membership non response will be deemed as approval.  Any member shall be entitled to receive a copy of the Schedule on demand.                                   

  7. Powers      The Club shall be a non-proprietary, non-profit making organisation.  To promote the Club’s object, the Club may…

    1. Raise Funds  and receive contributions by way of subscriptions and donations

    2. Purchase, take on lease, hire or otherwise acquire any property / equipment and any rights and privileges necessary for the promotion of the said object of the Club.

    3. Maintain Club equipment / property.

  8. Membership:        Membership shall be open to all persons of good standing as judged by the Committee. A person shall only be deemed a member after receipt of the appropriate fee. The membership year shall be from the 1st January until the 31st December.  The Secretary shall keep a list of members with their respective postal and Email addresses and telephone/mobile numbers. Members are responsible for notifying the Secretary of any changes. Data protection legislation will be adhered to.

  9. Membership Grades:     

    1. Senior Members –   Senior members are as defined by the National  Modelling Associations. Senior members have full voting rights.

    2. Junior Members - Junior membership is limited to between the ages of 9 to 18 as at the 1st January of a subscription year. A junior member has no voting rights although all other rights and conditions of membership apply.

    3. Family Membership -           Reduced fees are available for families  where seniors & juniors are involved

    4. Honorary Membership -      Honorary Members may be elected at the discretion of the Committee.  They have no voting rights.  They cannot fly untethered models at the flying site unless insured..

    5. Note:- Should it be necessary to set a maximum limit of Club members, the Committee shall have the authority to set it and implement it.

  10. Insurance:            It shall be a condition of membership of the Club, that all members, other than non flying “Honorary Members”, be in possession of the insurance cover provided by a National Model Association. Proof of insurance cover is required on demand.   Note:- An insurance restriction precludes any Club member using the Club's facilities or procedures for financial or commercial interest.

  11. CAA Registration:          Compliance with the CAA Registration and competency requirements will not be conditions of ADMF Membership but are an individual’s personal responsibility. 

  12. Accident Book:    The SAA have agreed with their insurers that all SAA affiliated Clubs will hold and maintain an accident book.  ADMF members are required to ensure that any accident or incident that may involve them in an insurance claim is recorded in the ADMF accident book.  The accident book will be held by the club’s principal Safety Officer.

  13. Management:       The management of the Club shall consist of; Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster and up to two Safety Officers. These positions shall form the Management Committee. At the end of a subscription year, the Committee will convene an Annual General Meeting.  Should attendances of  AGMs decline to  less than 30% of the senior membership, a Committee AGM  (CAGM) may be convened instead.    At a CAGM, the Committee will agree of proposals that will hold sway for the next subscription year.  The proposals will address core club issues (Committee membership, annual subscriptions, auditor selection and actions outstanding). The Committee will circulate their CAGM proposals by E Mail/letter to the membership seeking their ratification.  If two thirds of the senior membership fail to ratify a proposal, it will not be adopted.   Membership non response will be deemed as approval. 


  1. Committee Member Indemnifications                                                                                              The Club shall indemnify a Committee member  in respect of any fines damages or costs awarded against him/her  whilst he/she engages or becomes involved in Court proceedings (criminal or civil), while acting in his/her representative capacity on behalf of the Club.

    1. In the event of a Committee member being awarded damages or costs in the course of proceedings taken by him/her in his/her representative capacity, such damages or costs accrue to the Club.

    2. The Club will not indemnify a Committee member in his/her actions as a private individual notwithstanding that he/she is taking part in Club activities but in circumstances where it would unreasonable for the Club to ratify his/her actions.

  2. Quorums: The quorum of a general Club meeting shall be one third of the total senior membership.  The quorum of a Committee meeting shall be a majority of committee members.

  3. Voting:     Actions decided at a Committee or general Club meeting shall be a simple majority of those present and entitled to vote. The “chair” at the meeting shall have the casting vote should an equality arise.

  4. Accounts: Proper books of accounts shall be maintained, containing a full record of the Treasurer's intromissions with the funds of the Club. At the end of each financial year a statement of accounts shall be compiled and audited by an independent Honorary Auditor, who shall be approved annually by the membership.  The financial year shall be from 1st November until the 31st October, inclusive.  A statement of the accounts will be submitted to the membership at the subscription year end.  The Club’s bank account shall be operated solely by the Treasurer.

  5. Finances:  All monies raised by the Club shall be applied to further the aims and objects of the Club.  The Committee shall have the authority to spend an amount decided by two thirds of the voting membership on any extraordinary transaction or occasion.  The Committee shall have the authority to pay on an ongoing basis such items as flying field expenses, Secretarial expenses, etc..   Cheque signatory and sole online authority shall rest with the Treasurer.

  6. Subscriptions:      All members shall pay in advance such annual subscriptions as agreed by the membership.  Members joining the club from July onwards shall only be required to pay 50% of the annual fee. Membership renewals shall be due no later than 24th December.

  7. Late Payment:     Membership renewal after 24th December will be allowed at the Committee's discretion if there are extenuating circumstances. If no such circumstances exist, the member will have forfeited his/her membership and will have to re-apply for membership.

  8. Alterations to the Constitution: Any alteration to the Constitution shall only be made with the agreement of two thirds of the senior membership. Any member shall be entitled to receive a copy of the Constitution on demand.

  9. Dissolution:          Should an AGM or EGM decide that the Club is to be wound up, any residual assets shall used for the benefit of Scottish aeromodelling.  This will involve the transfer of funds/assets to a specific club or clubs or to an National Aeromodelling Association or Associations.

  10. Visitors:  Visitors will be made welcome by the club.  An individual guest flier can be invited to fly at the club on three occasions per annum.  To enjoy further flying, the guest flier will be required to join the club.  

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