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Regular flying sessions

From April to October: During the week if the weather is good club member are regularly  at the site on afternoons and on Sunday afternoons which is the main day that flying takes place.


If there is a gentle breeze in Ayr, there will be a firm breeze at Howmoor. Of the days when model flying is impractical, approx. 40% will be due to rain, 60% due to wind. The prevailing wind is South Westerly.

Flying Site Discipline

It is of prime importance that the access gate from the main road is only to be opened to enable personal or vehicular access. It must be closed immediately & securely.

Dogs are not allowed at the flying field (used for grazing sheep & cattle throughout the year)

No litter of any kind must be left at the site.

The amenity of the tenant farmer is paramount. Our activities must not detract from his ability to rear stock efficiently and productively.

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